13 - 17





There are three types of tickets at Asteroiden

Tour-pass, DKK 300,- which gives access to the entire festival (except Aïtal, but more on that further down)

Day-pass, DKK 160,- which gives access to the festival on one particular day

Show-ticket, DKK 65,- which gives access to one show (you can buy more tickets, if you wish to see more shows)

If you have bought a ticket to see Aïtal, you can exchange your ticket for a free drink at our café. Buying a show- or daypass at Asteroiden, gives you a discount to see Aïtal. Tickets can be bought at teaterbilletter.dk, or at our ticket sales office located at Teaterøen. If you have bought a tour- or day-pass, you can reserve a place for a particular show, at our ticketsales office, or at info@teateroen.dk